Carmel Kurland


Hello there!
This page is an interactive document for my English 12 multigenre work. I’ve chosen this format because interactivity is core to my topic. As you continue through the project, I’d like you to think about the structure of this document and how it relates to the concepts presented. Some more will be explained in the introduction later, but before we continue there’s a few things to get out of the way. I want you to have the best experience possible, after all. First, this document is designed for desktop use in a large Google Chrome window with a mouse. It should work with any browser (except Safari, as it turns out), but if you have issues try switching to Chrome. I cannot automatically detect browser or whether you’re using a mouse, but it is heavily recommended. I also have to prepare some things beforehand, but if you’ve read this whole paragraph they’re probably done already. The boxes under this paragraph summarize the main points to ensure you have the best experience. If you see three of them green, you’re good to go.


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